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- Hilary Cooper -
Sangeet Party of Reshama + Babs
Indian Party at Villa Paloma Bali
Always fun when I get a chance and trust to perpetuate one's wedding moment. Moreover, when the marriage was performed by following a very unique culture.
Yes, this is the first time I get clients who come from India. Babs and Reshama are a couple who came from India, but living in Singapore.
Indian Weddings are not solely about serious rituals and customs, they are also full of several fun filled rituals and designed to contain a scope of entertainment. Sangeet ceremony as the name suggests is all about dance and music. It is one of the most enjoyable ceremonies before the wedding.

The Sangeet party is an Indian tradition during which the family and friends shower the bride and groom with dance, music, and laughs. This event takes place 2 or 3 days before a wedding. Ladies are the only people to take part in the event. Some men are there if they are close to the bride or groom. During this event ladies will sing traditional Indian songs, and joke around with guests. This event is also like a dinner and dance, because there is a lot of dancing and lots of food !!
The Sangeet is a good natured ribbing of the couples in-laws. It is also a good time for the wedding guests to get acquainted with each other.
At The Beginning With You
Bali Pre Wedding of Dede + Indri
It is always such a pleasure to shoot a pre wedding filled with familiar faces. Last year, we had the opportunity to shoot Adit & Koming's pre wedding & wedding, and this time we’re so proud to have the chance to shoot for his cousin Dede, who was engagement with his beautiful girlfriend, Indri. We had such a blast shooting for this couple and their families, including the sea of familiar faces from last year’s wedding.
I want to personally congratulate Dede and Indri. May you spend the rest of your lives living out your loving at the new beginning story.
Love Vacation
Post Wedding of Mury + Lily
Mury and Lily are husband-wife from Jakarta. Mury is a businessman and Lily is a dentist. They are spend their vacation in Bali. Bali have a beautiful scenery, especially the beach. We can see the beautiful sunset that very warm and romantic. So, they decided to perpetuate their togetherness while waiting for a beautiful sunset.
Telling The World
Engagement Session of Nick + Shania Mayo
Nick are from Netherlands and Shania are from Philippines. They're fall in love with all togetherness. They're also love Bali. After long relationship, they decide to engage, and of course Bali are the perfect place to telling the world for declare their engagement.
Johanna + Patrick
The Wedding at Villa Bali Gita
Ferdinand + Monica
The Wedding at st. Franciscus Xaverius Church and The Westin Bali
Ferdinand and Monica are a couple from Jakarta who want to formalize their wedding in the island of Gods. The event started in the morning to make up and preparation. Their blessing are in the church St. Franciscus Xaverius Kuta Bali. After the blessing, they returned to the hotel to do the tea pai ceremony. Civil process they do at the seaside with yellow decor that was very fresh full. A great memories and can not be forgotten. The event continues at a wedding reception in the evening, where they invite friends and relatives to celebrate their wedding day. The unique moment happened at their first dance as husband and wife. They have been training and preparing for their dance 3 months before the wedding and special invited choreographers. The event was closed with a first kiss with the music and bursts of flame from the fire dancer was very festive.

Congratulation for you both, hope always happily ever after...
Andrew + Emma
The Wedding at Nirvana Bali Uluwatu
Toni + Vani
The Wedding at Kayumanis Beach Club Bali
Daniel + Zaila
Bali Wedding at Villa Bali Gita Ubud
Daniel and Zaila want to have a wedding remembered for a lifetime. Dreamlike natural beauty, exotic tropical gardens and rustic luxurious pavilions form the setting. Villa Bali Gita in Ubud is a perfect place to realize they dream with tropical grounds & water gardens above the Ayung River Valley. Lengthening shadows of dusk dramatize the villa's breathtaking panoramas. Fires of sunset glow in the gold of Balinese dancers costumes and the shimmering Gamelan chime lends it's so magic !!
What a beautifully wedding. Congratulation for Daniel and Zaila.
Never Without You
The Wedding of Ferdinand + Monica
Ferdinand and Monica is stayed in Jakarta. Our met begin from email that was sent by Monica to our website. When they come to Bali for survey their wedding ceremony places, finally we met at their hotel to showed up our worked. They are not make decision yet until they back to Jakarta. After a few weeks later, Monica contact us again and decided to believe all of their wedding moments to us.

Congratulation Ferdinand and Monica, wishing you a happy married life.