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Halim + Diana
The Wedding at Noah Chapel Bali
Halim and Diana looks like it's meant to be together. Halim, who was in Australia only acquainted with Diana who was in Bali through facebook. Although they had never met, the love chemistry was so strong on these couple. Now, after several years of long-distance relationships, they decided to bind their love in a very romantic island. It was the first time I take wedding journalism in this place.

Noah Wedding Chapel Bali is designed to take your breath away by the time you arrive on top with the infinite scenery of Jimbaran bays and foliage. As the background music takes you to a more intimate stage further down the aisle and closer to your loved ones, the natural lights coming through the transparent glasses of Noah Wedding Chapel will cascade memories into a romantic wedding in Bali’s history.

As the name suggests, Noah Wedding Chapel design depicts the biblical story of Noah’s journey in a majestic ark. The chapel is surrounded with lively koi ponds that symbolize prosperity and longevity.

Hope their wedding will be happily ever after !!
Mikael + Lisa
The Wedding at Villa Bali Gita Ubud
Just The Way You Are
Robby + Lucia [Cinematic Wedding Trailer] at The Phaloza
Always feel excited whenever get a chance to capture a wedding moment. Bali is famous for exotic frequent witness of the couple who'd pledged to live together. A very romantic atmosphere, coupled with pastel decor makes wedding Robby and Lucia are very beautiful.
All those moments immortalized in a cinematic video, accompanied by a very beautiful song. Weddings were simple but very elegant this is very special.

Enjoy the video... xoxo
Babs + Reshama
Indian Wedding at Villa Simona
Indian people are stern believers of religion and ancient practices. As a result, Hindu marriages in India include a number of rituals and customs. These are age old practices, which form the foundation of our society and are therefore followed by generation over generation, owing to the deep faith. Wedding is undoubtedly the most important event in one's lifetime and is thus solemnized with utmost sanctity. Hindus believe that once married the couple is bound with each other for seven birth cycles. Such is the depth and intensity of their faith in the institution of marriage. This is attributed by the various rituals they observe.

Traditional Indian weddings are a grand affair and involves lavish preparations. Here, the sanctitude of the ceremony is preserved through numerous traditional rituals and is accompanied by lots of entertainment, fun, colorful dresses, jewelry, lip-smacking foods, music and dance. One can see lots of variations in the Indian wedding traditions according to the cultural community, religion and region. However, most of the basic ceremonies which we are going to discuss in the following sections of the article are more or less the same.

Var Mala ceremony is an important main wedding day ceremony. It is also known as Jaimala and basically involves exchange of garlands between the bride and the groom. Like all other customs and rituals, this is also a significant ceremony which finds reference even in the Vedic literature. It is an ancient practice and is still observed in India. The var mala ceremony takes place after the groom reaches the venue for the wedding, along with the baraat. Once he arrives there, the mother of the bride welcomes him on the doorstep with a pooja thali. She applies tilak and performs aarti to bless him and to ward off any evil. After this the groom proceeds towards the main stage, where he awaits the arrival of the bride. After a while, the bride reaches the spot with a garland in her hands. Seeing this, the groom also stands and is given a garland. All the close relatives, friends and family members flock around the couple, for the ceremony.

The Jaimala ceremony begins with the bride trying to put garland around the neck of the groom. This is prevented by groom's friends, in order to tease the bride. To enable the bride perform the ritual, the associates on her side help her to do the same. This is one of the most awaited moments of the wedding as everyone enjoys the tussle between the two parties as well as the new couple. Finally, the groom also puts the garland around bride's neck. This ceremony indicates that the bride has accepted the groom as her loving husband.

Mandap ceremony holds utmost importance on the day of the wedding. This is because all the significant rituals are performed during the mandap ceremony. In India, weddings take place in accordance with the age old customs and traditions. It is a very meticulous process and is fulfilled with the feeling that it is a one time affair. As a result, parents on both the sides do not leave any stone unturned in organizing a prosperous wedding for their kids.

After any kind of ritual, there are Reception Ceremony. This is a celebration time for both the families as they rejoice over their new accord. The reception ceremony also serves as an opportunity for the bride to know the acquaintances and associates of the groom's family. This is the time when the bride finally represents herself as an important member of her new family. Reception ceremonies are therefore arranged from the groom's side to make the world know that they have a new member and they celebrate her arrival. It is an extension of the marriage celebrations.

What a very enjoyable wedding celebration. Congratulation Babs and Reshama. We are very honored can captured your special moments and make these beautiful wedding are keep it forever.
Kevin + Imelda
The Wedding at Villa Kalaisha Tabanan
Piya O Re Piya
Sarra + Mustafa [Cinematic Pre Wedding Trailer]
I was very excited when Sarra expressed a desire to make a pre-wedding video that is different from the usual. She wanted to make a video as a video clip india movie, complete with dance and singing.

Inspired by the Indian film titled Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya, we began to create the concept for realize the video as Sarra and Mustafa want. The process of filming done for 2 days at various locations in Bali.

Main Waari Jaavan (Piya O Re Piya) is a very beautiful love song. Meanings that contained in the song was very romantic. In this video tells the story of a lover who meets because of God's will and so blessed. They have found closeness secretly and bring them together in love.

Enjoy the video, Cheers.
Beny + Prissilya
The Wedding at Blue Moon Chapel by Team
Bollywood Series
Pre Wedding of Sarra + Mustafa
One day I got a call from a mother whose wanted to do pre wedding photos for her daughter. Her daughter was named Sarra. Sarra view the photos and my work as Gung Arya Photography is conducting exhibitions and she is interested to use our services on her special day.

Once met, we immediately discussed the concept of what Sarra want in her pre wedding. Because Sarra is a girl of Indian descent who is very pretty, the pre wedding concept in use is a Bollywood series with a very romantic love story that already famous.
Peter + Jennette
The Wedding at Legian Beach Hotel Bali
Waiting Our Little Varo
Maternity session of Mira + Andy
Andi and Mira are couple from Jakarta who is awaiting the birth of their first son. Once we met, they want to do a pregnancy photo session, I was very excited. Always fun to capture the moment someone they can later be recalled at a later date.

Photo session done in Bali's famous beaches that are very beautiful. To keep Mira is not too tired, photo session done in one place with a time not too long. But this doesn't diminish their enthusiasm to capture the moment of their togetherness. We are very enjoy did this photo session.

Congratulations on the birth of Andy and Mira's first son. May to be a gorgeous kid, always successful and happy.