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Give Thanks to Allah
Sarra's Siraman Ceremony Trailer
What a very unique blend of cultures. I was honored to take part of these marriage culture that very diverse.
Sarra is a girl of Indian descent, but still there is a Javanese blood obtained from her grandmother. That's why in traditional Indian Muslim wedding procession, tucked the Javanese ceremonial procession that's called Siraman.
In Siraman bride's procession need some equipment such as setaman flowers, leaves, mats and so on. Siraman carried by the bride is bathed with water that has been given a variety of flowers or in other words the bride-purified.

The ceremony starts from brides who are asking for their blessing to both parents and grandparents. The situation is extremely touching. Afterwards, the procession starts, where both the parents are first bathe the bride as a symbol of blessing and prayer that the bride are ready to undergo marriage. In addition to the parents who can bathe the bride and groom, grandparents or those who are considered elder can also bathe the bride.
The event was followed by the Indian traditional procession with a thick dances and a very lively atmosphere as welcomes happiness come the brides who are getting married.
Sean + Sammy
The Wedding at Nusa Dua Beach Hotel & The Royal Santrian Bali
You In The End
Shenny + Jessy Wedding Trailer
李Rico + 刘Cici
Post Wedding Honeymoon Session at Bali
Rico and Cici is a husband and wife from Guangdong, China. They just got married in their country and decided to honeymoon all the way to Bali. They want to perpetuate their togetherness complete using traditional Balinese clothes.

When we first started communicating through email, I was so amazed with their interest in the culture of Bali. We have never met at all, but when they arrived in Bali, we already felt close. They are a very friendly couple. They say if they are the first couple to go on a honeymoon to a place far from their homes among their friends.

I as a Balinese person, feel very proud of their choice Bali for honeymooners. I really hope to meet again with you, Rico and Cici. Hopefully your marriage will always be happy.
Shenny + Jesse
The Wedding at Puri Banyuning Ubud Bali
Luiz + Anna
The Wedding at Ubud Hanging Garden
It's always amazing and exciting to catch the wedding moment. Especially if the wedding is held in new place and I've never go there before. It is a ordinary experience !! Luiz and Anna are from Brazil. They are go far away from home just for take a very special moment to unity their love. Ubud Hanging Gardens provides the perfect setting for their Balinese destination wedding and for a truly romantic honeymoon. They create a unique floating wedding, set on our horizon-edge pool with dramatic views over the river valley. Believe me, It's so beautiful and very romantic.
Lee Chean Jern + Gok Wei Ting
The Wedding at Blue Point Chapel Bali
Robby + Lucia
The Wedding at st. Franciscus Xaverius Church and The Phalosa Bali
Sarra + Mustafa
6 Days 6 Night Indian Wedding
This is the second time I got the opportunity to shoot an Indian wedding with the different tradition. But, this is the first time I would be take pictures a 6 days and 6 nights wedding, and I didn't have an idea of what's going to happen in those 6 days but I'm super excited about it. True enough, it was an amazing wedding!

During those 6 days and 6 nights, there were always so many super fun and interesting events, super fun and exciting people, and super fun and exciting places! The details and colors of the decorations during the wedding were amazing that by the end of the 6 days and 6 nights of non-stop take pictures, my body was half dead, but my soul and senses were so stuffed that I had almost wanted more. The key word is "almost".

Their wedding was a six day intimate affair and one that was rich in culture, bold in colors and big in celebration! I can see how much the couple adore each other, and how much they are loved by family and friends. Their family and friends put on quite a performance during the reception, featuring a musical drama about their love story. I honestly thought their performance was epic and completely blew all other musicals that I've seen. There are times I laughed so hard, it was difficult keeping my eyes open to shoot. The memories of their wedding and Indian songs are stuck in my head for days, even until this moment.

Sarra & Mustafa, thank you for giving me the honor to be part of your special day! Enjoy the marriage journey ahead. Keep on dancing and wiggle wiggle. :)
Eric + Cherwen
The Wedding at st. Franciscus Xaverius Church and Santika Beach Resort Bali
Eric and Cherwen live in Australia. And their extended family decided to celebrate their wedding in Bali. This wedding is the longest I've ever capture. I was ready at the hotel where they were staying, in the morning. I was very excited because even though they live in a very modern country, they still wear their customary traditions, complete with traditional Chinese clothes are usually only seen in Chinese films when I was a kid. ^^

The first event was meeting the bride, where the bridegroom is given challenges to the groom, so he can met the bride. After that, the event continued with tea pie ceremony. At noon they perform wedding ceremony in the church with a very calm and sacred. After a short rest, the event was followed by a reception which is very exciting and more relaxed.

All of this event was so much fun, so I didn't realize that I have followed them from morning until almost midnight. I will always be passionate in doing this job. Hopefully you can feel the excitement of this wedding moments too. Enjoy !!