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- Hilary Cooper -
Julian + Yvonne
The Wedding at Puri Wulandari Ubud
Ubud Bali as we know is the place with beautiful green view, when I knew Julian and Yvonne choose this place, I was exciting. Julian is a person who like neatness, he love all clean and perfect. Yvonne is the opposite of Julian. She is more relax and easy going, first I talked with her she was very nice and so did Julian. I shoot this wedding alone with my assistant. It more enjoy and private. Wedding in Bali is always become a favorite place to do a wedding, they really love Bali. The wedding was going so lovely and really nice. I was enjoy and happy to shoot their special moment together.
Rezitha + Yunus
Pre Wedding Session
First I knew Rezitha and Yunus was from my former client who I shoot their wedding. And then Rezitha contact me for shoot their pre wedding. I was very exciting about the concept of their pre wedding in Bali. We know that Bali is very beautiful island, a lot of natural background we can choose for our pre wedding. So we choose Tamblingan Lake for our location. We decided start make up at 1 am and go to the location at 3 am so we can start photo at 5 am. What we got are amazing view with their India outfit. And we ended their pre wedding photo with the top view of the lake in the afternoon. So lovely.
Open Your Heart To Be Mine
Daniel + Silvia [Movie Cinematic Trailer] // Wedding at The Royal Santrian
Glen + Stelle
The Wedding at Bali Gita Villa Ubud
When meeting with Glen and Stelle, they are a very unique couple. Glen that working in the creative production makes them accustomed to create a unique concept. Moreover for their special day. They make their wedding shades with very exciting. They carry a wide variety of toys that are their collections. Glen's Best man, Bridesmaids and Bridemate's dress that are very colorful. Even Glen had to lengthen her hair to look different in marriage. An honor for us to captured the moment of a wedding that was filled with joy and togetherness among relatives and friends who are all very exciting and vibrant. Various kinds of unique detail things in their wedding can be seen in this album. Happy viewing and thank you. xoxo
Umi + Graham
The Wedding at Four Season Jimbaran
Always enthusiastic if get a chance to capture the moment of marriage in various locations in Bali. Such as Umi and Graham's wedding, which are located at the edge of the cliff. A holy wedding coupled with a beautiful background, only one word can say, Perfect!!
Edward + Jacqueline
The Wedding at Conrad Bali
Edward and Jacqueline are a couple who came from Hong Kong. They had come to Bali with family and friends to tie the sacred promise of marriage in this beautiful paradise island. Their choice fell on a very beautiful chapel. Infinity chapel is the most iconic chapel in the island. Its asymmetrical, stunning lines bestriding shimmering reflection pools and walkways of finest marble. Infinity Chapel is an architecturally unique wedding venue, floating two meters above sea level, a shimmering vision of style. Truly a beautiful wedding and I am very pleased to be able to capture the moment of this wedding.
The Way You Look At Me
Joy + Manolo // Wedding at Grand Ocean Villa
Would You Be Mine
Pre Wedding of Daniel + Silvie
Andrew + Renee
The Wedding at Bali Gita
It's all about moments. Andrew and Renee are from Melbourne. They love Bali so decided to tie the knot in Bali. A very beautiful and naturally made ​​the atmosphere more lively and romantic. The details are very interesting and well prepared to make the wedding more complete. Wedding dress worn by the bride is very beautiful and can only say one word, gorgeous !!
Jason + Kylie
The Wedding at Bali Garden Beach Resort
Always excited when I'am in the task to capture the moment of a couple's wedding. Bali has so many beautiful places to tie the wedding vows. And I'm very proud to participate and watch the couples from all over the world binds their love together in marriage.
Bali Garden Beach Resort is the perfect place for a wedding ceremony. It is set amongst more than two hectares of tropical garden lush with frangipani, hibiscus and gently swaying palm trees. What a beautiful venue to ensure a perfect and romantic wedding celebration.