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- Hilary Cooper -
Glenn + Ciska
Bali Wedding at Kayumanis Nusa Dua
Kayumanis is uniquely set with perfect environments throughout the resort to hold small and intimate weddings. It is a place to spend precious time with family and loved ones that leads up to your special event without the hassle of tiring airport transfers and privacy issues. Words could not express how beautiful and serene this place is. The decorations, the venue, the musicians... everything. Because of that, I really ready to capture Glenn and Ciska's special day proves to be a most memorable shoot.
Danu + Lily
Bali Wedding at Griya Kongco Dwipayana
East Meet West
The Cultural Mix Marriage of Adrian + Lauren
Adrian and Lauren are from Australia and decided to get married in Bali. Because Adrian's mother is from Bali, they got married using traditional Balinese and western mixing. They use makeup and dress in traditional Balinese wedding, but still have the blessing of the Christian religion. Mixing of eastern and western culture is also evident from Balinese rituals are performed after the blessing. Adrian, Lauren and their family and friends very enjoyed every process of marriage that they do. What a very unique wedding.
We are happy to share The Wedding of Adrian and Lauren.
Krishna + Sari
Balinese Wedding at Denpasar
The Balinese wedding was full of tradition and culture. Every ritual has meaning and purpose. That's what makes Balinese wedding be very interesting. Krishna and Sari follow every custom process very well.
The event began with the groom and his family visit the bride's house to pick up her. Having to exchange rings and other ceremonies, the bride say goodbye to their parents and other family. This moment are very touching for the bride and her family, because in Bali adopted patrimonial system, where after marriage the bride will leave the house to her husband's house. And after that, all the duties and obligations of the old home will move to a new environment.
Wedding ceremonies are performed in the groom's house. All families will watch a procession followed by a very strong tradition. After the procession, then Krishna and Sari has legally become husband and wife.

Congratulation to Krishna and Sari. Hope both of you always love each other until forever.
Morishita + Ariza
The Wedding of Japanese Couple
Hendra + Hellen
Buddhist Wedding at Bali
It was my first time photographing a wedding in Buddhism held in Kongco. I am so excited to see how the wedding procession in Buddhism. Arts and cultural weddings in the world is very diverse. And be an honor if I could capture the moment. Thank you for the Hendra and Hellen who have entrusted me this opportunity.
May you always be happily ever after.
Behind The Horoscope
Pre Wedding of Krishna + Sari
Krishna and Sari are old friends. After a while, they met again, and it turns out they were both studying at the same college. After greeting each other, their relationship lasted for granted. They often go out together, until the end when they were eating together, they find a horoscope that says that they will find their soul mate 5 to 6 months later. At first they did not understand what is the meaning of the horoscope. They still go out without the status of their friendship. Krishna was very concerned to Sari. Sari frequently asked Krishna to help make the task of teaching. Because of his attention, that made Sari slowly like Krishna. And they finally understood what the horoscope which they have read. They also decided to have a special relationship more than friends. The first year, their relationship is still beautiful and happy. In the second year of their new experience hard times, where they are fighting over little things. But they get through it, so that the third year of their relationship had reached a mutual understanding with one another. Treading the fourth year, where they were equally confident in their relationship, finally Krishna proposed Sari.

Congratulations to Krishna and Sari. Hopefully their relationship is always happy.
Oashi + Fumika
Wedding Anniversary at Bali
Mark + Noi
The Wedding at The Ritual
Adore Him So Much
Beach Pre Wedding Of Xu Feng + Lin Xingjuan
Our first met to Xu Feng and Linda Lin are in the beach. I am on duty to take a wedding journalism that take place in the beach area, not to far from their sitting area. They are watched the wedding process until called our team to asked the packages if they are want to do the photo shoot in the beach. After the wedding is done, I met and discuss their planed directly. Linda told to called me tomorrow for their decision. In the night at the same day, Linda call me and tell if they are want to do the photo shoot tomorrow. Fortunately, my schedule is free and I directly agree to take the request.
Xu Feng and Linda is from mainland China. Now, Linda is a mandarin teacher in Yogyakarta and Xu Feng is worked in Hongkong. They are met in Bali for take a holiday after a long time not see each other.
They take a photo shoot packages that included make up. During the make up session, Linda tell the story of their met and fall in love. Linda is fall in love to Xu Feng at the first sight. After waiting the opportunity, Linda make a brave decision to give Xu Feng a card to introduce her self. And Xu Feng is reply the Linda felling until they are truly falling in love. That a simple thing to make two people fall in love.
They are loving beach so much. They wanna to get the beautiful blue sky for as a background of their photo. Once again, they are very blessed couple. The sky during the photo shoot is very clear as their request. Xu Feng and Linda is very kind couple and directly to be our new friends.

Hope the best for both of you and can't wait to see you again !